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The Sun noticed a giant flare

На Солнце заметили гигантского протуберанцаThe size of education reaches half a million kilometers.

Scientists discovered the Sun for the huge size of the flare, which can be observed through an astronomical filter. This was reported by representatives of the Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN.

“Almost in the center of the solar disk is one of the most beautiful and the largest (about half a million kilometres) in recent years, dark fiber, and is thus a prominence,” said the astronomers.

According to scientists, the prominence is usually associated with the emissions of the substance. However, not everyone knows that this stage is the final, and in fact he “lives” much longer.

To this cold dense substance gradually accumulates in the crown of the Sun, and after it reaches this mass, which provokes the release into the environment.

“The substance of the flare consist of “cold” hydrogen, the temperature of which (less than 10 thousand degrees), although it is huge by earthly standards, is almost 100 times less than the ambient corona (about 1 million degrees)”, – scientists speak.

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