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The sun is not a light bulb!

Солнце — не лампочка!

Creative students held an art exhibition “the Sun light”.

The youth of Samara is resting creatively – may 5, the boys held an exhibition urging everyone to plunge into the world of art and to remember that the world is a little bit more than just “home-work”.

In our life is a miracle is the Sun, but unfortunately, we somehow rarely notice, – says one of the organizers of the event. The exhibition as a call to escape from everyday life and think about what the world around is really huge and beautiful, that the beauty of nature should be valued and protected.

This is part of a larger project aimed at the strengthening of moral standards among the youth, revival of culture and traditions of our people, on the unity of the youth to create a healthy moral society. They call to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, and also hold shares of an ecological orientation. Project students do for three years now. And recently, they have officially created their own social organization volunteers “Gold reserve”.

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Солнце — не лампочка!

The opening of the exhibition was very educational: associate Professor of Samara University acquainted the guests with the physics and structure of the Sun, and candidate of philological Sciences spoke about the significance and culture of the Sun in the life of the peoples of the world. The official part was supplemented with performances by young musicians.

The exhibition brought together the works of students and graduates of the faculty of culture and art SGSPA, art schools and colleges, just Amateur artists and children from the creative Studio. Even the young artists enthusiastically talked about their work and about where to take inspiration.

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We should also mention the fact that in one of the exhibition combines the works of both children and adults. This is almost never meet, but practice shows that such a worthy cause indeed can connect absolutely different in age and looks, and sphere of human activity.

The atmosphere of creativity complemented the surroundings of the cluster “Дом77” where we hold the opening day.

To see the exposition will be in the course of the month, admission is free.

Photo Agency “And to be honest!” and provided by the organizers.

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