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The Sun found a giant hole

На Солнце обнаружили гигантскую дыруScientists have discovered the Sun is a huge hole

Astronomers from the Observatory of the National office for Aeronautics and space research USA found in the Sun huge blackout.

This phenomenon, scientists have recorded on video and posted for access.

This is the spot that the parameters, the more our planet several times, looks like some kind of hole, which is unusual and could not be alerted scientists. In addition, as the footage NASA video, spot is currently “aimed” directly at the Earth. This lesion appeared in the star a few days ago that speaks of abnormal activity occurring on the Sun. Flash and the ensuing blast, which can cause the stain, represents, according to scientists, a considerable danger.

The tumor received the catalogue number AR2665. Now this is the only spot on the solar disk. By all accounts, our star should now be in the resting phase. Holes in the corona and plasma emissions occur during the activity, which would occur six years. That is why the giant spot on the Sun bothers scientists. Astronomers continue to observe the phenomenon.

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