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The sun could “accidentally” grab ninth planet, scientists

Солнце могло "случайно" захватить девятую планету, - ученыеPlanet X called “the migrant” from interstellar space.

Astronomers have stated that the mysterious planet X could be the “outcast”, which was accidentally captured by the Solar system in the distant past.

About the findings of scientists reports

According to researchers, the ninth planet was a “pariah”, which is freely floating in interstellar space and was not gravitational bound to any star. In the study, researchers analyzed 156 options like “pariah” with the Sun.

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It turned out that about 60% of cases the planet-“the derelict” would have been ejected from the Solar system, while in 10% of cases she would be “taken” from another planet system.

However, in 40% of cases of “rogue” still could be a captured Solar system. At the same time, it would be a “soft capture”, in which no other planet of the system would not fall under the influence of a new companion or planet X might affect one or two neighbors.

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While scientists emphasize that if planet X really was born outside the Solar system, it is unlikely to be greater than Neptune. In the case if the Solar system a closer celestial body, in size comparable to Jupiter, it would be reflected in the motions of the planets and their location.

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