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“The stench too much”: the controversial interview of the mandrel about Ukraine, rossm. Video

"Вони слишком много": скандальное интервью Дорна об Украине росСМИ. ВидеоUkrainians are outraged by the statements of the mandrel about “friendship”, when the Russian aggression in Ukraine, says the world.

Social networks were outraged by the video with the episodes of one recent interview with a popular Ukrainian musician Ivan Dorn.

During the conversation with Russian journalists, the singer made a few controversial statements about the situation between Ukraine and Russia, which immediately caused a wave of indignation. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The corresponding video appeared on the Facebook page-public “Stew.Lee.”

A sharp “rise” music in Ukraine Dorn explained to the journalist that “younger brothers”, by which he was referring to the Ukrainians, “quarreled” with the “senior”.

“When there was a quarrel between two brothers, the younger brothers said “no” to everything from his older brother,” said Dorn, surprising his position as an interlocutor.

According to the artist, “the thaw has already begun” and soon Russia and Ukraine will make up.

A special surge of negativity in the comments provoked a response Ivan Dorn on the issue of his performance in Jurmala in 2014, where the singer came on stage in Raglan with the image of a Trident and sang a cover of the song Kuzma Scriabin “TANECO pngna”.

“This show is called “not to be trapped”. I thought that we should go with Ukrainian songs to carry the culture, while we’re at it. And secondly, I thought that it is necessary to go with a Trident below about costume no one stinks,” commented Dorn.

On the question of whether the brothers Russians and Ukrainians, the musician replied: “I like to think so”.

In the video, these and other statements by the artist diluted by short episodes of his solo concerts in Russia, during which the scene also sounds very ambiguous phrase.

Network video is rapidly gaining views and angry comments from users. In the discussions of “buried” Ivan Dorn and recognized how much the singer has disappointed fans of his work.

“Especially offensively Jurmala and costume with the song”, “Vanya, I’m upset and disappointed,” “R. I. P., Ivan,” commented roller.

“Everything has its price, and homeland too. Vanya made his choice, go with the song,” wrote one comment.

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