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The state’s private club

Государство — это частный клуб по интересам

Wrong those who say that Russia does not develop. Develops how. The Russian state has achieved success in ensuring transparency in economic, public and private life of citizens.

It knows about the person almost everything: where and how much he earns, it spends, eats, breathes than who lives where and with what speed goes, what’s on the phone, any information stored on cloud servers. Every step of the taxpayer reported and taxed fiscal system, digitized and described by the ruble.

On the other hand, the state gave the individual an unprecedented freedom of choice in matters of self-education, self-healing, self-protection (in contact with a person of the same class) and relative freedom from water pipes, toilets, roads, sanitary and hygienic norms through the sequestration of spending on health, education, security and infrastructure.

However, the state itself is no longer a set of institutions and institutions, is people. Very nice people, mostly friends and relatives, are divided between the budget, the estate and what was left from the production. So, just for instance: conditional Igorevich fuels, Tolia took for themselves the space Gray is on the agricultural holding; that is, the state is a private club.

What the best club is malleable and dumb, the object of taxation, sometimes referred to as a citizen, it is quite obvious. But what a private club can be the best citizen?

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