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The state will impose payment of the “Spring package” on ordinary citizens

Deputy Irina Yarovaya, together with Senator Viktor Ozerov has recently proposed a series of laws aimed at total surveillance of all of us. A set of documents called “Spring package”, and now it appears that the money for the training of operators to meet the requirements of new state laws and, in fact, Opsosy take from our wallets.

If the “Spring package” will enter into force on 1 July 2018, operators will be required to store data about the conversation and calls the Russians for three years, and Internet resources — within one year. Of course, the Spring assures that this is done solely for the purpose of identifying terrorists and criminals, but we all know what’s what. So, the implementation of preparation for “Spring pack” operators will need about 17 billion rubles by 2019, and it is unknown what percentage of this amount going into the pockets of those who carries out this training. In any case, to pay for all of this will by the Russians, because all operators will raise prices to not lose their margins.

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In other words, the fact that the Spring and the one whose name cannot be called, will follow us, we will have to pay extra, though on a monthly basis. While it is impossible to say how much prices will rise, but analysts have already voiced the most optimistic forecast is plus 10% of the current size of the subscription fee. Outputs from this situation two: switch to per-second rates and use the messenger via WI-FI to make calls, or to be like the Peter pig, which you know did that on his tractor.

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