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The state Duma of Russia has published the size of parliamentary pensions

Госдума России обнародовала размер депутатских пенсий
The press service of the lower chamber said that the actual average monthly salary of a Deputy in 2018 exceeded 388 thousand rubles.

Benefits thus depend on experience.

The Russian State Duma explained, for what Supplement a pension can count the deputies depending on the time of execution of powers. Relevant data published on Thursday, July 5, at the lower house.

So, if you experience from five to 10 years, the monthly fee is 55 per cent of earnings, and reaches a given fixed payments 626 46 thousand rubles.

When you experience more than 10 years, the corresponding figure is set at 75 percent, bringing the amount of pension payments to 63 581 thousand rubles.

If the experience is less than five years, additional payment is not provided.

Thus, for the first six months of 2018 actual average monthly salary exceeded 388 thousand rubles (after payment of income tax, 338 thousand rubles).

Until 2017, the rules were different, remind in the state Duma. The amount of pension and allowances for those who was a Deputy from one year to three years accounted for 55 per cent of the remuneration. For those who was a Deputy for more than three years is 75 percent.

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