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The state Duma has introduced fines for involvement of adolescents in unauthorized protests

Госдума ввела штрафы за вовлечение подростков в несанкционированные протесты

The Russian state Duma adopted in the third final reading the draft law on penalties for involving a minor in an unauthorized protest.

According to the law, article 20.2 of the Administrative code complement part “the Involvement of minors in part in an unauthorized Assembly, rally, demonstration, procession or picketing, if this activity does not contain criminally punishable acts”.

The organizers of the rallies, calling for the participation of minors face a fine up to 50 thousand rubles, and the arrest up to 15 days. Officials will be fined 50-100 thousand rubles, and legal – on 250-500 thousand.

A bill introduced in the Duma after the anti-corruption rallies Alexei Navalny, in which, according to observers, was attended by many teenagers.

“We can’t leave unpunished the actions of those who are inciting our young people, our children to commit unlawful acts, violate the law,” said one of the authors of the bill, the United Russia party, Yevgeny Revenko. He noted that the law is not directed against the parents, and also allows you to participate in activities that are consistent with the law.

Also, the state Duma adopted in the second reading a bill to mitigate the first part of the 282-th article of the criminal code. Under the bill, liability for extremism on the Internet and the media will step in only if this violation would be done more than once during the year. For the initial violation, it is proposed to punish according to the Code of administrative offences: a fine from 10 to 20 thousand roubles or up to 100 hours of obligatory works, or arrest for up to 15 days. On the legal person for incitement to hatred shall impose a fine from 50 to 500 thousand rubles.

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