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The state Department praised the reaction Zelensky on the scandalous Putin’s decree

В Госдепе оценили реакцию Зеленского на скандальный указ ПутинаZelensky reacted very calmly and with humor.

Ukraine’s President-elect Vladimir Zelensky responded “very calmly and with humor” the decision of Russia to give out passports to Ukrainians in the occupied territories of Donbass, and the US hopes that this will help the process of resolving the situation.

“We are concerned and consider it (Russia – Ed.) as a provocation, which is exactly contrary to the plan for the reintegration of these territories back to Ukraine, as stated in the Minsk agreements. You need to talk about the implementation of these agreements. I think the President Zelensky gave good to understand,” he said.

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“It is obvious that to live in poverty in Russia – not so many people in the Donbass, who are just so-so Paradise. So I don’t think we should expect mass migration of people from Ukraine to Russia.

Zelensky reacted very calmly and with humor. And I hope it will cool this problem, so we can go back to talking about the actual implementation of agreements which already exist and which will require the withdrawal of foreign forces, the disarmament of illegal formations and the implementation steps for a ceasefire – such as the withdrawal of heavy weapons, and steps in the political sphere. And all this subsequently lead to the restoration of internationally recognized borders,” explained Walker.

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Earlier, Germany and France, the USA and the EU condemned Russia’s move.

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