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The stars of “evil dead” and “Carrie” moved to castle Rock!

To pay close attention to the series “castle Rock” (Castle Rock), it is enough to know that it is created on motives of products of Stephen king, and one of the producers of the project is J. J. Abams. But if someone this information is NOT enough, here are a couple more iconic names.

It previously passed the casting for the series is actor Andre Holland (“the Knick”, “American horror story”) have joined the two ladies.

The winner of the award “Oscar” sissy Spacek, who played the title role in the film by Brian De Palma “Carrie” (the first adaptation of the novel by Stephen king, among others), will star in “castle Rock” in the role of Ruth Deaver (Deaver Ruth), the adoptive mother of Henry (the character played by Holland).

Jane levy, starred in the remake of “evil dead: Black book” (and also starring in “don’t breathe” and the new “twin Peaks”) will play Jackie, obsessive thoughts about the death of a female historian.

The series will be an anthology, so every season will unfold its own story with its characters. Since the place of action remain the same city, then these stories, as well as actors will be interesting to overlap and intersect with each other. According to the creators of the show, “castle Rock” tells of the heroes and themes of the different stories of king relevant to this city.

Shooting of the first season will start in August.

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