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The star of “the Reanimator” was a terrible “Mentor” (VIDEO)

Young Director Andrew Bowser, known for the drama “the Worm”, and a number of short films like carbon monoxide Machines are monsters”, he shared another of his short work in the genre. In the opinion of the Creator “Mentor” (House Mother) should be the beginning for a full movie.

Synopsis there really is a long solid history:

Sarah Chalmers, a modest girl from a conservative family, goes to College and is now trying to get into a Sorority, known as ΦΚΦ. Together with other neofitou she will be tested, especially heavy with her strict upbringing. During the dedication of the girls from the Sisterhood is a legend that ΦΚΦ was established over a hundred years ago a very cruel evil woman named Demetrius Terminals. The iron hand ruled the society through humiliation and physical punishment for any offense, real or imaginary. Come down to the fact that the sisters just killed her Mentor, unable to withstand its diktat. Some of them went to prison, other psychiatric hospitals, but as they say, the spirit Demetria Terminals still live in these walls. And behave worse than girls, the more anger Demetria. If you read certain words in front of a mirror in this house, the Ghost will appear to you to judge sisters for their sins.
And to pass the final test to join the society ΦΚΦ, you need to call the spirit of the Mentor.

The beginning of the short meter really good. All this bullying from the older sisters over the newcomers, wishing to join the ranks of the society “Phi Kappa Phi”. Moral and physical humiliation. As for me, it is better to be alone than to go through anything like that for the amusement of others. A sinister mother Superior of all these things, it seems, don’t like.

The role of Sarah Chalmers in the film played by Shelby Steele (“Werewolf”), and under monstrous make-up Mentor was hiding herself Barbara Crampton, star of movie “Reanimator”, “from beyond”, “puppet Master” and many others.

Not sure what the solution to hide the face of the “Queen of scream” under the mask of the demon was right. Again, she looked very old school, but I would like something more interesting. The rest of the short film, in my opinion, failed. Let’s hope that this concept will indeed become the basis for a feature-length horror.

I would watch this, and you?

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