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The star of “the eagle and Tails” surprised fans “interesting pose”

Звезда "Орла и Решки" удивила фанатов "интересной позой"Regina todorenko once again demonstrated a perfect figure.

Regina todorenko has always been a shining star in show business. Thanks to the show “heads and Tails” she shone even more.

Over the months, preteenie which singer and TV presenter travelled the world, she not only saw many things with my own eyes, but showed it to their fans due to the photo in Instagram.

Recently, the network appeared the next picture taken by Regina during a holiday in Thailand.

Ukrainian hottie posing against the backdrop of huge palm trees in a stylish white bathing suit that underlines her perfect figure. Paradise photo, isn’t it?

Звезда "Орла и Решки" удивила фанатов "интересной позой"

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