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The star of “the eagle and Tails” divorced

Звезда «Орла и Решки» развелась с мужемThis is the second marriage of the singer and TV presenter.

The new host of the popular travel show “heads and Tails” Alina Ostrowska, who recently admitted that he had lost 18 kg, I broke up with her second husband.

She spoke about it during an online conference posted on the YouTube channel of the project (video 35:33).

Alina said that her heart is now free, and all the time she devotes to the work. “While I’m traveling. Now I can devote as much time only project “heads and Tails”, the operator, the Director and all the other men of our team. I’m not married, but this position is open in my heart,” – said TV presenter.

Note, her first husband, Aline was a footballer Eugene bredon. The singer and the athlete met when she was 16 and married the lovers, when the girl was 18 years old.

Звезда «Орла и Решки» развелась с мужем

The second time Ostrovskaia married in 2016. Her lover was a businessman named Igor. The wedding they never had – the lovers are modestly painted and were married, and instead of a big celebration I decided to buy an apartment in Spain.

Звезда «Орла и Решки» развелась с мужем

Alina Ostrowska – member of the third “American idol”, the author and performer of songs in the past, one of the singers of the group Real O. Recently, she became co-host Coley Sergi of the second marine season “eagle and Tails”.

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