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The star of “the battle of psychics” Ziraddin Rzayev agree with the exposure of the show


Yesterday 48-year-old actor Mikhail Porechenkov in the morning show “Lifts” on “Our radio” called a lie everything that happens on the show “Battle of psychics”, the leading of which he was from first to seventh seasons. The current presenter, a 42-year-old Marat Basharov responded to a loud statement of the colleague, noticing that the program people are experiencing real emotions: “If you think that the tears of the people that are in the frame, tears of joy or sorrow, — all this is staged, all they are going to play, then participating in the program are very good actors.” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

To protect the “Battle” arose psychics Victoria Raydos and Vlad Kadoni. Expressed his opinion and another famous participant of the project Ziraddin Rzayev. In an interview with Azerbaijani psychic said he supported Porechenkova.

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“You have no idea how much I gave an interview about it! He did not expect that these words would cause such a stir. First, I am Mike a very close friend. Porechenkov has repeatedly approached me with requests to help their friends, he introduced me to the famous radio host Bone Artemyev, singer Katya LEL. When Azerbaijani television made a documentary about me, Michael on the set well and mentally spoke. He told me himself that I’m the only psychic who he trusts. Regarding his statements about the “Battle” — I fully agree with him, I do not believe in psychics of the show. To me a psychic is someone who predicts the future, and not only sees the past and the present. And yet it was not such to make any predictions. Yes, there are coincidences, but give me 5 predictions in a row from one psychic, and I agree with his abilities. At the same time as people I can be friends with other project participants, but as a psychic… My theory is no one is the same, I have a different logic,” said Rzayev.

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