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The star of “the battle of psychics” revealed the reason for the rapid weight loss

Nicole Kuznetsova, participant of the show “Battle of psychics” scares fans rapid weight loss. She is now with the growth of 165 centimeters weighs 42 pounds!

Fans worried for the health of Nicole, but she prefers to ignore all the questions in social networks. StarHit correspondents managed to contact a psychic and ask her about what is happening.

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“Really, the last time I lost weight dramatically. Now I weigh 42 kilograms with growth of 165 centimeters. But none of what anorexia can not be considered. The reason is that every month I go through the operation. Today I went through 219, and that certainly affects my body. However, to give up I’m not going!” — shared Nicole.

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“During a postoperative period for a long time being restored, follow a certain diet. But my diet consists of meat, fish and everything you need. Replace sweet fruits — again, not in pursuit of a slender figure. I and my children eat only homemade food, no processed or sodas from the shop,” continued the psychic.

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