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The star of “Kvartal 95” told about the threats in his address

Звезда "Квартала 95" рассказал об угрозах в свой адресShowman of popular comic Studio Quarter 95 Eugene Mishka gave a Frank interview.

Eugene Koshevoy in an interview to Vesti stated that sometimes the politicians feel themselves masters of life.

“In the beginning I just didn’t understand the seriousness of what we were getting into. We were called political theatre. And now they are forced to listen to us. They feel themselves masters of life is very wrong, if there are such gaps in their activities, so we can over this joke,“ said Eugene.

Jokes Studio Quarter 95 quite clearly reflect the reality of Ukraine. Mishka said, when the jokes “kvartalova“ politicians will stop.

“As soon as people start saying that in our country everything is good, we immediately stop to make jokes about the government. And then, under any government, we were joking. And if they hadn’t promised to do something specific, we would have never asked. And so they promise and promises are not kept. Know how the outside: the boy said – boy did. And they are too elite and too yard forgivable if the kid broke his word. I think this is wrong,“ said Mishka.

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Also the star of the Studio Kvartal 95, said he and his colleagues received threats from the government:

“Quietly (chuckles)… Many have “quietly“ expressed dissatisfaction with one or another joke… They pull phrases out of context and then mold it as they want to see it. You know, I do what I want because I love my job. I grew up out of poverty. Like all of our. We had no money, no nothing… And to say that we are tossing and turning in the millions and received some money from an aggressor state, I think… Sorry, I have to use an invalid expression, and the women I try not to do that,“ said Eugene.

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Eugene Mishka advised politicians to confronting him directly:

“But I do believe that if you position a male, then let’s talk: call on a call, when all honest people. You know what they say, again, outside: let’s go out time to time. And we all grew up in neighborhoods like that, believe me, once again went more than once. Those who wrote to me, I leave my phone. And at least one called and expressed though not in the eyes, let’s ear what he thinks, everyone is entitled to their opinion, so let’s discuss! But no one’s calling…“ – said the showman.

Звезда "Квартала 95" рассказал об угрозах в свой адрес
Звезда "Квартала 95" рассказал об угрозах в свой адрес
Звезда "Квартала 95" рассказал об угрозах в свой адрес

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