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The star of “House of the devil” will meet with “Dr. Sleep”

Jocelyn Donahue joined the cast of the horror, “Doctor Sleep” based on the novel by Stephen king. Known for such films as “House of the devil” and “the Astral. Chapter 2,” the actress managed to firmly establish themselves in a genre film. What role did her now, not yet reported.

Danny TORRANCE, son of the writer, destroyed the dark forces of the overlook hotel, still weary of his extraordinary gift. After all, the ability to “Shine” again and again reminds him of the tragic events experienced in childhood and almost ruined his life. Afloat Danny supports only work in a hospice, where his ability to help relieve patients of debilitating pain. But one day Dan comes twelve year old girl Abra, which emits a “glow” incredible, unimaginable power. And this girl is in mortal danger — it is being hunted. Dan TORRANCE is the only one who can save her.

Castes at the moment are Ewan McGregor (“ghostwriter”), Kylie Curran, Bruce Greenwood (“Gerald’s Game”), Emily Elin Lind (“there goes the light…”), Alexander Asso (“In the service of the devil”), Carl Lumbly (“Spy”) and Rebecca Ferguson (“Live”).

Director Mike Flanagan (“Oculus”).

In Russia “Doctor Sleep” is 23 January 2020.

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