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The star of “House-2” told where she got the money for a luxurious life

Ex-participant reality show “Dom-2” Nelly Yermolayeva leads a really luxurious life: she is often resting on luxury resorts, boasts of designer outfits and do not skimp on spending on their appearance. Instagram users have repeatedly asked the question, where did Nelly funds to support this level of life.

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The publication of Nelly Ermolaeva (@ermolaevanelly) APR 20, 2017 1:55 PDT

Apparently, Ermolaeva tired of such questions and attacks by bloggers: she decided to openly talk about their wealth.

“Today my husband has the opportunity to travel quite a lot. Many people is angry, and I write: “How can you relax when somewhere children are starving?” Yes, but first, I help the needy, just not conceited about it. And secondly, this is my life, and I sought it. I went through insane hardships, worked hard. What prevents you to build the same life? Excuses like “You just got lucky”, “You so-and-so, and I can’t do it” is nonsense,” she said in an interview

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The publication of Nelly Ermolaeva (@ermolaevanelly) APR 19, 2017 at 7:25 am PDT

Nelly admitted that even while participating in a reality it has worked, then she managed to open her own beauty salon. “I like to please their fans, to encourage them by their example to inspire some actions. I’m a simple girl from Samara, who without any certainty left for Moscow, fought stereotypes. People said that nothing would come of it, but I did. The tale of Cinderella. And today I have a huge opportunity to educate people, something to give them, not just to show off: “Look how cool I am”,” — said Nelly.

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The publication of Nelly Ermolaeva (@ermolaevanelly) APR 2 2017 12:45 PDT

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