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The star of “House-2” the parents will be deprived of the apartment, if she would regain her virginity

In late December, the star of “House-2” Liberi Kadono admitted that he decided to do the operation to restore virginity.

Liberi told that men think it is readily available, although she has never been flighty behavior. The girl with exotic appearance complained that young people often propose to her one night, and she had always wanted to meet a man with whom she can start a family. Kadono sure that the operation to restore virginity is gonna help that.

29-year-old girl will soon take hymenoplasty. However, as it turned out, the operation can take her apartment! This statement was made by the parents Liberi. They insist that the daughter did IVF and finally became a mother. In this case, they plan to give her a spacious apartment in native Ufa.

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Mom Kadono explains his position by the fact that after the surgery her daughter clearly did not give birth to heirs in the near future.

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“Parents are sounding the alarm, because once I do the operation to restore virginity, nobody knows when I will find myself a man and deal with the dispensation of his personal life. They are strongly against the operation. They understand why I do it, but it does not give its consent. They want grandchildren. I had an ectopic pregnancy. Mom and dad just worried about my health. Parents say that if I found a man, should give birth with IVF. If I had a baby for themselves, they immediately bought me an apartment in Ufa, so I could be closer and the parents were able to help me to raise a child. But I believe in love, big feelings and hope to raise a child in a full family. Their ultimatum: it’s an apartment. The father fairly Spartan upbringing, as soon as I started, he said that the money I get from it more. If I want a family, you need to find someone I will help and will be able to raise a child. If I had a baby for yourself, dad, as a man, I will take full responsibility. I have the choice of either hanging on the neck of the father with the child, or to try to build a family,” shared the very Liberg with

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That you???? flowers at night??? Just?? P. S. good night???

Photos published Liberi Kadono (@libergik) Jan 5 2017 11:28 PST

His decision commented on her mother: “We do not understand the demarche of this act. Yes, she was tired from all indecent proposals, I know that. I am a bit skeptical, so do not quite believe in this move. I don’t think it should be done so radically.”

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