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The star of “House-2” Mexico declared that never got plastic surgery


One of the brightest participants of the project “Dom-2” Mexico is very subject to attacks from the followers. A girl often accused of abuse of plastic surgery.

Marina Cherkasova (real name of a girl) decided to confess and told fans about their appearance and about what procedure she was doing.



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So, according to Mexico, she “made” only of the lips and cheeks, but under the knife never went: “Guys, I didn’t do plastic surgery. The photos you saw in the magazine, or those which walk on the Internet, my youth, my school years! Man changes with age, I was just small, remember how you looked when you were 15-18 years old! The maximum that I changed were the lips and cheekbones injected hyaluronic acid, which eventually resolved. Question hopefully exhausted! Thank you all! P. S. Believe me, when you’re ready to go under the surgeon’s knife, you’ll know it first! Love you!” — was told by the Marina in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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It should be noted that concerns about appearance among fans arose after the Network got photos of the participant from two years ago. Mexico looked completely different, more natural.

However, the star of telestroke no secret that regular visits to your doctor-cosmetologist, where does the injections in the lips and cheekbones. Girl shares pictures and videos during a procedure and even advises the girls own specialist.

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But many members still do not believe in beauty and believe that she sought the help of a surgeon, because in such a short time the brunette would not be able to change that much.


“If she will have less time to focus on your face, the less questions will be!” “What nose?”, “I think that did the operation and not just one! Well what about her nose? Really?”, “To me, a good girl, but behaving abnormally, hence the questions about appearance,” “What nonsense, if in childhood and youth big nose-less, he would not, I have a miniature, and in his youth was much less,” write the indignant subscribers.

Марина Черкасова (Мексика)

Александр Задойнов и Мексика

Марина Черкасова (Мексика)


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