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The star of “House-2” Margarita Kern got rid of the chest-eighth the size


The party of the first season of the show “Dom-2. The island of Love” Margarita Kern became the star of the project due to its outstanding eighth breast size. The girl didn’t hide the fact that her bust is the result plastic.


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“The first time I did the chest in 20 years. The C grade. For their men. And then think: “Let me make myself a little more.” And here my problems began. I correctly installed implants. And he shifted. The second time I made 600 ml. Shifted. And I decided on a third operation — set 800,” — said in Instagram Rita. (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.)

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Despite the criticism, the core continued to assert that she is delighted with her breast. Social network girls are full of candid shots, in which she shows her Breasts.


What was the surprise of followers of Rita when she posted a video from the operating table and stated that it had decided to reduce the chest.

Publication of Rita Kern (@rita666kern) APR 20 2017 7:16 PDT

The second roller Kern says that she will restore her virginity. Subscribers don’t know what to think. Some have suggested that the Cairn was just joking.

Publication of Rita Kern (@rita666kern) APR 20 2017 11:07 PDT

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In the end, the girl published a photo from the hospital room. Apparently Rita did, and rhinoplasty. “It is a pity that the operation is not allowed to shoot, it was very fun! 20% of the time I was under deep anesthesia, the rest of the time in clear consciousness, but the pain is not felt, well a little. Not very nice when you are in the mind cut and sew. Talking was forbidden, but in the end I chirped like a parrot. The anesthesia was very light, quickly departed for 1 hour in the house and immediately to the hotel to myself let’s go,” said Kern.


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