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The star of “House-2” Elina Kamiren told how to build relationships with the bandits

31-year-old Elina Kamiren is one of the most controversial participants of the reality show “Dom-2”. On the project she met the father of her daughter Sasha Alexander Zadoinov. Alexander and Elina tried to save the relationship for the sake of the child, but in the end dispersed.

After leaving the project, Elina took up his own business. Kamiren and recently launched a Youtube channel which explains how to be successful and to seduce a billionaire.

Elina recently posted a new video in which he told about the types of rich men. So, the first type is the children of oligarchs. “It’s a man to 30 years. When they see girls who can not afford to let something, they feel dominant and know what they react because they are at the Porche. They choose girls from their circle. With the usual girls that have no status of their parents, they just sleep”.

The following type of athletes. According to Elina, plus such men that they are constantly training, but because it is convenient to make the girl who will correct them and will be waiting for them at home.

The third type — the deputies and officials. Elina believes that with them the easiest. For example, if you have education then you can send your resume for the position of assistant Deputy. “There are some difficulties. Relationship with such a man can not divulge, and, as a rule, they’re married,” warns Kamiren.

The most unpredictable type of rich men — the mafia. They can call at night, you can disappear for months, and you have to be ready for it. Elina also shared their own experience of relations with criminal authorities: “One time I was involved in a shooting, and it was such obosratushki that… It’s so scary, and I want to live! I hear gunshots, I hear leaving the car, starts mess, and I can’t do anything”.

The final type is clever. These are the hackers, the engineers and geniuses. “Usually, it’s domestic people. They look different, but generally their tastes are not particularly refined. You should at some point be more interesting than what he does, because these people love their business”, says Elina.

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