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The star of “House-2” attribute to a record

Irina Agibalova has become very popular in the Network after participating in the reality show “Dom-2”. However, could not touch the “talibanesque” and the reverse side of the coin: Irina often comes criticism.

And now even alleges that Irina was in prison! This statement made by the mother of another member of the reality Marina Afrikantov Tatiana. She recorded a video message in Periscope: “don’t tell me I’m worse than Agibalova and I it is far. Agibalova was in prison, I have a paper which says that she was serving a sentence of four years. She just keeps her past cooking in the kitchen.”

Good morning my #instacam ! Who has what for Breakfast today? There are very few Old New Year and the 16th of January I go on a diet), and it is terrible already to go so recovered?. If you can’t do… No! Do it! I believe in myself and your support! All the details about this difficult marathon slimness’ll cover in my second page @agibalova_life ??

A photo posted by Irina Agibalova ✔ app (@agibalova_irina) on Jan 11, 2017 at 10:20pm PST

Irina is extremely painfully reacted to such a statement and has promised that will not leave these statements without attention.

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Hello, my #instacam! Last night was a test for my nervous system and as a result, today a severe attack of migraine. Need and I had it for the night to read the message in PM with this video?. I’m so tired of this whole story with my “dark prison past”, which has no Foundation or evidence, that I in the spring of 2016 took the reference in our Department of internal Affairs of no criminal record. This reference sends the citizen all who wish to see the evidence. And I want to say to her:”take the Trouble to read the content!” Help is available at the end of the video??. I personally put it in the spring at the wall in Contact, in order to stop a nasty slander! It is one thing when writing to strangers, hiding behind strange nicknames! This is completely different! This woman is personally known and she will have to answer for the slander in my address! And do not tell me that I didn’t react! Think about how much you hate from such a nightmare. You know, I was the first Mom on the TV show #dom2 and I find it strange that those mothers who came after me, so sensitive to my popularity. That Olga constantly told me that Tatiana ?. So do not give rest to these two women? Why would they not do for yourself and your family? #zapravo #drainagewater #envy #stupid #TNT #dom2 #slander #court

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A video posted by Irina Agibalova ✔ app (@agibalova_irina) on Jan 14, 2017 at 3:22am PST

In support was made by the daughter Olga, Gazhienko: “No, say, criminal convictions do you have? Now! For slander! My mom has no and never had a criminal record! She never was in jail! About public there are a lot of people a lot of lies, we got used to it, but there is a beyond. The man is lying openly and concealed “evidence” that doesn’t exist!”

Love my family ❤❤❤

A photo posted by Olga Gazhienko (Agibalova) (@olgagajienko) on Dec 21, 2016 at 7:16am PST

Views of the bloggers were divided: some consider it necessary to sue, while others insist that it is not even worth to pay attention to such actions of the enemies.

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