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The star of “House-2” Aliana Gobozova kicked the mother-in-law on the street

Mother of a former participant of “House-2” Alexander Gobozov actually remained without housing. According to daughter-in-law of Olga Gobozova Aliana put her on the street.


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According to rumors, Aliana kicked the mother-in-law due to the fact that required selling Moscow apartment, which she won at the “House-2”. She Olga says that is not true. The woman is very hurt that her sister-in-law did, but more recently Aliana asked her to look after her young son and ailing mother Svetlana Ustinenko, who died from cancer.

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“Three days I actually did not sleep, and before that five months did not depart either from little Robert nor from Svetlana Mikhailovna. I bathed, washed, changed diapers. Then I was needed. And three days ago Sasha Allianoi fight. I didn’t want to be extreme. Just told them: “Guys, I’m tired. Five months of almost no rest,” — said Gobozov in an interview.

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Now Olga Borisovna spends the night with other participants “House-2”, who came to her aid. By the way, to return to the project the woman does not want to, in her words, now there is a lot of hypocrisy and insincerity.

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