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The star of “House-2” admitted that her relationship with her husband was saved Kseniya Sobchak

The former participant “Houses-2” Olga Gazhienko is one of the few who was able to find her true love on the TV show. Now Olga and her husband Ilya happily married and has a son Kirill.

However, the couple was not always smooth. There was a time when the marriage of young people was on the verge of collapse. Fortunately, to the aid of Olga and Ilya came former leading “House-2” Ksenia Sobchak.

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Ksenia gave the pair a certificate for the trainings of personal growth, which has helped spouses learn to understand each other. “We had a watershed moment after the wedding: there are many misunderstandings. Former leading “House-2” Ksenia Sobchak very well we were treated and she personally presented the certificate of trainings of personal growth. We worked in mini-groups, but nevertheless took all classes together. After that, life changed. All my followers are still asking: “What kind of psychologist?” We still remember Ksenia, because she helped us then. She said that she sees me something, I, in her opinion, made the same mistakes, so she wanted to make such a gift,” said Olga in an interview with StarHit.

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According to Gazhienko, since their husband and relations appeared harmony, and they finally decided to have a baby.

“I’ve been thinking, and we did not realize that trying to have a baby. I wanted to make sure. I think that the “House-2” has left its mark. It was very difficult to live in peace after the wedding. We are faced with many more provocations, when your relationship to discuss every day. I wanted to give birth in a harmonious relationship. After all, any stress is a challenge for the young family. The first three years the most difficult, then easier. We left the project “Dom-2″ as did not want son raised in front of cameras,” added Olga.

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