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The star of “Halloween 2007” forest horror “Wild” (VIDEO)

Last year a new movie by Mark young was presented at the film festival in Charlotte and is now out in limited release.

The Director is known for horror of the “southern Gothic”, “Tooth and nail” and the Thriller “Deadly insult”. However, more interesting here is the cast: the film lit Scout Taylor-Compton, who became famous after the remake of “Halloween,” and Olivia, Luccardi, which you could see in the sensational film “It follows you”, but also in the third season of “Zero channel”. In addition, it is necessary to mention barbel Lew temple, who starred in such films as “the devil’s rejects”, “31. The occasion of death” and the upcoming “Paranormal”.

So, what tells “Wild” (Feral)?

For six medical students, who went for a weekend in the woods is attacked by a creature. One by one the friends are infected with the “brutal disease”, turning into a rabid bloodthirsty creatures, and a planned vacation turns into a nightmare.

Undemanding plot, and implementation of, apparently, low-cost, without special claims.

25 may “run Wild” appeared on the VOD platforms and in select theaters in the United States.

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