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The star Betelgeuse was accused of “killing” the neighbor

Звезду Бетельгейзе обвинили в "убийстве" соседки One of the biggest stars in the sky, the supergiant Betelgeuse, you’ll be breakneck speed.

Scientists said that one of the biggest stars in the sky, the supergiant Betelgeuse, has a very high rotation speed, which may indicate that about 100 thousand years ago, she absorbed his neighbor.

The findings of scientists being prepared for publication in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Betelgeuse is a red supergiant located in the constellation of Orion. This is one of the largest stars known to astronomers, according to various estimates, its diameter can be compared with the orbit of Mars or Jupiter. However, she in 13 to 17 times heavier than the Sun, and its size is constantly decreasing over the last few decades, the diameter of Betelgeuse has shrunk by 20%.

Now scientists are using computer modeling said speed of rotation of the star and found that it behaves not like a normal supergiant. As a rule, increasing in diameter, the star’s slow rotation (like a skater, pushing hands). Betelgeuse also rotates around its axis once in about 150 faster than it should – the external layers of the star are moving at impressive speed 15 km/s.

To explain this behavior of Betelgeuse, scientists can not but assume that it was the result of the absorption of the stars-neighbor, the size of the Sun. Once she was in the vicinity of Betelgeuse, but was absorbed by it in the process of growth, and together with his substance was transferred to a supergiant and its momentum. If so, this uptake was accompanied by release of the substance. Calculations allowed to estimate the speed and time of this release – and calculate where this substance may be right now. Further researches allowed to find the cloud with the appropriate parameters on the images of stars made in 2012.

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