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The split, destruction and discord

Let’s explain on fingers: we need to row one large boat to an inhabited island, but I’m rowing in the same direction, and you swing the paddle in the other. Of course, we will either backwaters or will remain adrift in the ocean.

Раскол, разруха и раздрай

Almost the same thing is happening now, not in the sea, and in some parties.

Here the Communist party is already full “look out.”

Just now thinking about why many of our political parties can not agree within their own “interest groups”, and then came the hot infopovod.

I guess I was finally convinced that these people are simply left somewhere in the past, and on all fronts (including the exchange of information and the overall political course). But im of course, talking about politicians – not to allow the backlog. Otherwise not to avoid fatal consequences.

Раскол, разруха и раздрай

For quite dangerous the verge was the Communist party. It turns out that during the voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Central apparatus of the party did not bother to discuss with the departments in the regions of your intention to “abstain” from voting. And now guess what has led to such irresponsibility. Of course, disengaged from the center of the branch voted against the amendments, which brought even more turmoil in the inner-party device of the Communists.

Раскол, разруха и раздрай

As far as my humble opinion – I believe that Zhirinovsky is required to revoke the mandate have come in large numbers from coronavirus of France Deputy of the LDPR and the Communist party learns about the victory of their candidate in the Republic of Khakassia among the latter, no confidence on the part of the potential electorate should not wait.

How long do you think a leaky boat, the Communist party will hang afloat?

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