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The species of fish that cannot have: the top 12

Названы виды рыбы, которые нельзя есть: топ-12Food should benefit our body.

Ecology irreversibly changing, and many foods are toxic and dangerous. First of all it concerns fish and seafood.

12 types of popular fish that you can’t have at all: - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

If catfish caught not your dad is a fisherman in a pond at the cottage, then almost certainly it will be stuffed with antibiotics. Such is the specificity of the cultivation of this fish. Especially this sin in Vietnam, where soma is a variety of semi-finished products. In this case, the packaging has no notes on what fish grown in these conditions, and the impact of antibiotics on your body after consumption of such a product will be a surprise.

Sturgeon caviar
Black caviar is very expensive in our latitudes. So sorry to learn that this product was recently exposed to the destructive influence of environmental changes. Sturgeon bred in cramped and polluted due to the construction of dams the water. And because caviar is relatively long maturing before it can remove all toxins and pesticides, it absorbs very well. It turns out that really useful caviar now can only be obtained in illegal way. But it is better not to participate.

The world’s cod stocks generally fell in the mid-90s. And this fact could not affect the overall quality of this fish. If you see on the shelves of the Atlantic cod, know that this is a distortion of information because the Atlantic has long been a crisis in the attitude of this fish due to the negligence in the conduct of fisheries. Or you are offered one of the rare instances taken there. Most likely, the fish meat is overloaded with harmful substances.

Meat, without which no cost, almost no one dish Asian cuisine turns out to be extremely unsafe for health. In the eel accumulate polychlorinated biphenyle. And if you are not convinced the eerie sound of the term, just know that this substance is extremely destructive to the liver and kidneys and may cause cancer. Its toxicity is detrimental not only itself, but its ability to accumulate in fatty tissue.

Chemicals which used Western companies to clean shrimp after capture, but quite harmful. In addition, the shrimp cooked right on the fishing boats and there freeze. Therefore, in the packaging, you can often find foreign fragments of hair, pieces of insects and even rat tails.

The population of Atlantic plaice is now in such poor condition, accounting for only 1% of the amount of fish, which was enough for sustainable industrial fisheries. All individuals contaminated with pesticides and due to the small number of the population is not suitable for drinking.

The growth of diseases and parasites are the problems facing salmon farms everywhere. Because of greed the owners save space and throw the fish in close quarters, is used for cleansing from parasites antibiotics and pesticides. In addition, in 2015 in commercially available genetically modified salmon, which is, most often, do not provide the proper litter on the package.

King crab
Because of the peculiar power of this animal is its meat may be contaminated hazardous to human bacteria, which cause loss of vision and hearing. Also, the crab can accumulate toxins that cause poisoning. In the last time because not too hard production control this danger is intensified.

Shark meat is a delicacy for our latitude. And this seems to be for the best. Because of the kind of diet this fish and due to the fact that it is the most aggressive predator that eats everything in its path, it can be a carrier of large doses of mercury. Mercury accumulates in the meat, without harming the shark, but the man who use it for food, harm is quite capable.

This is not a frequent guest on our table, but it is worth knowing about the danger of his meat when in a restaurant with exotic cuisine, we asked to choose between fish and meat. First, any large-caught – most likely the victim of poachers. The population of this fish is very exhausted. Secondly, poaching of delivery is untested for the presence of parasites and contaminants the product. So do not be surprised if tasted absolutely delicious meat big you after some time find yourself in the huge stomach of the worm.

A recent analysis showed that of all the types of fish that tuna is characterized by the large deposits of mercury. In addition, the population of tuna, for example, and the Atlantic ocean, is already on the verge of extinction. And if you do not stop its excessive consumption, soon we will have no tuna – no mercury, no net.

Sea bass
Sea bass, or sea bass – Chilean in particular – is often illegally harvested fish that has not gone through proper sanitation. Despite the fact that this is the main restaurant of the hit should not fully trust its quality.

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