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The Spaniard all his childhood he lived with the wolves. Photo

Этот испанец все детство прожил с волками. Фото Predators educated man, and it is difficult to live with people.

Marcos rodríguez Pantoja (Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja) 12 years living among wolves in the mountains of the Spanish province of Cordoba. At the age of 19 years it was discovered by the Civil guard of Spain and returned to civilization. But even now, at 72, he has not adapted to life among people.

Marcos rodríguez Pantoja was born in 1946 in Anora. When he was three, his mother died and the father left the boy and went to live with another woman in a nearby town. Marcos drove into the mountains, so he helped the old shepherd. After some time, the shepherd had died and the child was left alone. Then in one of the caves he found a wolf and cubs, who took the boy into their family.

Этот испанец все детство прожил с волками. Фото

It is unclear how Marcos was able to survive among wild carnivores, but when they found him civil guards, he issued a bestial roar. Marcos returned to civilization, but he was never able to adapt to life with people. At some point he even wanted to go back to wolves, but “it was not” the wolves have not seen him as a brother.

“The wolves are there, and if I call them, they answer, but won’t approach me. I smell like a man, wearing Cologne”.
Marcos said that his last happy memories of living with wolves, “a woman,” which first showed him a mother’s love and her cubs, who took him as a brother. They taught him how to survive in the wild, showed, what mushrooms and berries are safe to eat and which are poisonous. Marcos recalls how slept in caves with bats, snakes and deer.

Этот испанец все детство прожил с волками. Фото

But these happy years ended when he was found 53 years ago. Since then, the life of Marcos went crash. He said that his cheat, exploit, laugh at him, because he knows little about football and politics.

Этот испанец все детство прожил с волками. Фото

Marcos now lives in a small village in the province of Ourense. Despite the General disappointment with life, with people, Marcos’m glad at least that some of the neighbors took him. The man loves to talk to children about love for animals and the need to protect the environment.

Marcos even sometimes invited lectures at the school. Apparently, children are those people in society whom Marcos feels most comfortable.

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