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The spaceplane for tourists has passed the test in the United States. Video

Космоплан для туристов прошел очередные испытания в США. ВидеоThe ship VSS Unity with two pilots in 31 seconds included a rocket engine.

American company Virgin Galactic billionaire Richard Branson has successfully tested spaceplane VSS Unity, which flew at supersonic speed. This was reported on the website of the company on Wednesday, may 30.

The tests deemed successful, took place at the landfill in the Mojave desert in California. During the flight, a ship with two pilots separated from the carrier aircraft WhiteKnightTwo, then 31 seconds included a rocket engine. During this time he developed a speed of 1.9 Mach number and gained altitude of about 35 kilometers.

The purpose of the test VSS Unity called development of flight control systems of the vehicle in the supersonic regime. During the recent tests in the spaceplane was already integrated passenger seat and associated equipment.

The first test VSS Unity in the supersonic regime took place on 5 April this year. Then the ship was able to reach speeds of 1.87 Mach number. The previous 11 flights of the spaceplane took place from February 2016 passed without the inclusion of the rocket engine.

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