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“The Soviet sausage seemed wonderful because of the shortage”. A report from the slaughterhouse

«Советская колбаса казалась чудесной из-за дефицита». Репортаж с мясокомбината

The culinary history of the Grodno meat-packing plant lasts for a century. The company daily produces 100 tons of sausages, and 25 tons of semi-finished products, but not the only one. We learned how doing here ham on Italian recipe.

Butchers small Hrodna slaughterhouse would be surprised, seeing as 107 years changed their workplace. Now here produce about 400 kinds of the different meat products: sausages, smoked products, semi-finished products.

“Our customers do not regret the money for your health”

We have a large and varied assortment that is updated frequently, — says General Director of the enterprise Oleg Ivanov. — Not afraid to experiment with combinations of ingredients and recipes.

We talked about the prices of the products.

They do not the lowest. But we understand that our customers do not spare money on their health and buy quality food for the right price, — explains the Director. — Our products are filled with cheap ingredients. Supplement products are made at a minimum to give them the desired taste.

Russia is an important strategic partner of the slaughterhouse:

— The portfolio of export occupies up to 97%. And I am glad that Grodno as there is always a price.

The number of consumers, which departs daily 100 tons of sausages per day and 25 tons of semi-finished products of Grodno meat-packing plant, will soon increase. The Director-General is confident that by the end of this year, they will have accreditation for delivery to China. At the same time it is planning to obtain a certificate “Halal” to make a market in the Middle East and, in particular, with Uzbekistan.

— We make products, and thus are unable to work in the warehouse. So I not only important short-term indicators. We need to understand how the situation will develop in the future, — says Oleg Ivanov.

Director of care labour migration:

— This is especially true in our border region. Therefore, when it is possible to manufacture and ship products, there is confidence in the future. People have no reason to think about how to look for a job on the side and a better life abroad.

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“For smoke use sawdust beech”

After talking with the Manager, we went to production. There we were met by the chief technologist of the company Olga Korban.

— When they say: “Kraft pudding Kraft ham”, I want to emphasize the traditional character of the product, its features and adeptness of the craftsmen who manufactured it. So can be said about our products: we use traditional recipes from around the world and manual labor professionals.

Every month the company produces 20 tons of “Parma” ham — about 10 thousand pieces.

— This is one of my favorite positions. Is prepared by hand with the addition of only natural spices from Russia, Belarus, the Czech Republic, and to create a smoke sawdust used expensive types of wood — beech. Our masters studied in Italy, visited there on many industries, — says Olga.

We go to the shop of dry goods and put on a gown, booties, and hats. But it turns out that just clothes and hand treatment for the entrance to the shop is not enough. We get the bags, please remove finger rings. Fill special guest questionnaires, once processed hands and shoes with disinfectant. And only after that the way is clear.

— The first stop — a piece of boning, — declares the head of the shop, Irina Vasilyeva. — Here pig carcasses are divided into parts which the tape is sent for further cutting and processing.

In the shop has a modern air cleaning system, and the temperature does not rise above 6°C: because of this raw material is retained better. The staff of the premises do not interfere with the staff from other units: they made separate entrances, closet and dining room, containers for meat and tools.

Each “step” of meat is recorded in the barcode. There are names of employees on shift. In fact, the products have “passports”.

— Why do we love to ask: “And what of the classics of Soviet times you produce so far?” My opinion: it is impossible for life to spend in nostalgia for previous years, — said Irina. — We quietly and normally use new cars and appliances, and sausage for some reason, want is from the past or even the nineteenth centuries. Believe me, it seemed so wonderful only because it was in short supply.

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The expert said that the current level of technology, sanitation, standards of quality and safety are much higher than in the last century:

I am in my profession since 1978 and know exactly what they are talking about. Everything is computerized. Some staff phones have programs that allow you to monitor the production process every second.

At the site of the Ambassador and maturation the meat several times to check

The second stage of processing meat: perfectly smooth pieces, hand selected and rubbed with spice mixture.

Then they moved to the site of salting and ripening. Here in the air, the scents of garlic and pepper, and the enormous vats languishing pieces of the future “Parma” ham. While they will be here, them a few times upside down and check it out.

Go into the next room, where already salted the pieces are laid on special frames and sent to the drying floor above.

In special chambers kept a certain temperature, humidity and sets the direction of the air that each piece is evenly dried. There meat is filled with the scent of smoke.

Ready-made ham is sent to packaging. The packer removes the lattice pieces, evaluate their attractiveness: some may form a salt crust or fall unevenly spices. Specialist eliminates the disadvantages.

Then puts each piece in shrink bag. He goes to a special machine, where at a temperature of 90°C creates a vacuum environment.

After that come the form of pale malt, rubbing and sticking labels.

Each piece weighs in the final. And “Parma” is placed in corrugated cardboard boxes and left shopping.


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