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The Soviet line in the mirror of Soviet cinema, 1981

Советская очередь в зеркале советского кино 1981 года

Yuri Mamin is known primarily as a Director superbeing Comedy “Neptune Holiday”, which blew up the Soviet cinema in 1986. His “Fountain” to consolidate the success of “Neptune”. But it turns out to shoot a Comedy about the Soviet realities of the mom’s began much earlier, in the era of brezhnevism. What does this small, lasting just 8 minutes, 40 seconds short film “Turn”, which I watched on a tip from a reader monotropa. And it’s not something where perestroika tape, which fans of old Soviet stereotypical snarls: “the restructuring began to pour the dill on the great Soviet Union, distorting reality”. This is the most authentic of the authentic Brezhnev years – 1981. Scoop in all its glory.

Why today all these funny nonsense old Soviet farts and their abled young sang? Yes, because they are trying to deny the obvious – real life in the USSR. Yes, of course, and the satellite flew, and the blast furnace smelted iron, and sowed bread and in the Institute for Kuhlmann was standing citizens in white coats. It’s all there. And at the same time was pursuing a Soviet person every step of the way all that is shown in this short film by Yuri Mamin.

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Of course it is grotesque. And the plot is somewhat crude, the ending could do much worse. For example, to show how the heroes take 5 kg of non-liquid books in one mug, and went and exchanged them for coupons of paper, and they acquired scarce subscription edition. But it would have been an obvious crime, because they would have to put into the trash books such venerable authors as L. I. Brezhnev, and even of Marx and Lenin. This of course in 1981 was impossible in principle. But that shot – very delivers, as they say. And, again, I repeat – this is 1981. Though fools at least count on the head teshi, will still mumble about the great USSR, which they lost and which is so eager to return, but they do not give the enemy.

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A short Comedy by Yuri Mamin “Queue”, 1981.


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