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The sound could pass through laser

Звук смогли передать с помощью лазераThe system can work even in dry conditions.

Experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have developed a system for the transmission of sound by the method of photoacoustic. We are talking about the creation of sound waves when absorption of light by moisture in the air.

In fact, the scientists were able to transmit sound vibrations using a laser beam. The sound occurs when the beam begins to oscillate at the speed of sound. While we can hear only within a certain distance, not along the entire length of the beam.

The system can work even in dry conditions, as moisture in the air is always there. Moreover, it is safe because the laser does not harm the eyes and skin.
In the course of work, scientists have discovered a second method of creating sound, using vibrations instead of a beam of light modulation, or flicker. The first method gives higher volume, and the second is the best sound quality.

To use a system of planning for military intelligence. Now its range is only 2.5 m, but physics are working on improving the technology.

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