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The soul asks pike!

It’s been nearly a month since I waiting for the first winter pike. When you sit utterly relaxed, and it suddenly breaks out, as swayed in the wind as sharahnet on the head and legs, then only using half of the race, realize that he’s probably forgotten bagaric and again stayed in the bag kneepads. And then sneak on tiptoe to the box, as if in the end you need to grab it.

But a month is a lot. It is even very much. The body of the last forces looks at the host: “Well, when? Well, as you can? Do something!” Imitation fish — the most unpredictable fishing. Spinning and float the rest with a nod. Is it possible to compare the flash of the box with a blow on the spoon? Never! There may be a blade of grass, twigson, tubegranny small bream and a dozen other reasons. Have a well-established Gerlich nothing happens. Neither wind nor anyone else good imitation fish will not break. Pike and only pike. Except perch, but that’s another story.

Zherlitsa is a magical tackle! You’re sitting in front of you a number of zherlits. Silence. Get up and go strictly in one direction. Why? There is no need. Just went for a walk. No, it means I wanted. The inner voice gave the signal, and his feet went. Mid-way you start to think and unable to turn back. What they listen to? This voice with his legs. But go on the machine. There are only five steps, and the box suddenly jumps out… It was dozens of times, last time yesterday. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The first imitation fish of the season was humiliating and discouraging. The place I’d dreamed about since April, leaving the last of the ice, the place where exactly one year ago, the very first pike of the season pulled 6 pounds, the place where have not visited the drill man. Pristine ice. Weather and silence! Not rustling the reeds. Not crackling frost. Probably, it happens in the winter in Paradise.

A number of zherlits is already exposed to the ice, and we freeze in anticipation. Then die and begin to wander: you hypnotized the check boxes, then visit Thomas. Thomas imitation fish with green flags. The original! Then begin to drink tea. Entertained Thomas, then go to visit him at his tea. In short, what only do not bullshit, and fishing places can not move.

After that, even into each other’s eyes to look ashamed. Such a beginning we had. Stop! Lie! Last season in some Sezonie, Sazonik or Sataniche we, too, have not seen a single bite. And this, too, was a debut. The debut actually disgusting to remember. Then at least no one was caught, and there, in this Saxonie, man next to us caught a pile of pike, and not the day before or the next day, and right in the eyes. He, however, said that there is some anomaly on the bottom, but it is easier from this no more. But it’s good to remember. Then has not become easier — but now it became easier. So, a year ago started.

…Week went to perch on the rain with the melting snow and ice, on the football with a beer and stuff like that. Again frozen, and we found a piece galickogo ice. To our delight, and bait was around. It’s really quite unsporting: holiday! However, pike promised to no one. Do it for the first time, case history no. But the place is alive like gerlachei. Exposed in the morning. Until one has mounted the imitation fish drilled a number of holes, the second caught live bait. Idyllic!

While the sun has not risen, imitation fish with zhivcova point is not visible. Had to go inspect. And then suddenly it seemed and box. The sprint equipment. Dummy. Baitfish lightly bitten. A familiar situation, and the forecast is obvious. Fines will rape us in full. Used for a dozen races a single trophy. But rejoice. A week ago, and Jogging would be happy, but did not happen.

After 10 minutes it’s my turn to run. Slippery, and running distinctive. Hundred meters seem to be at least a kilometer, because it is time to understand that for a year or better I can run no more, boots over this period, considerably heavier, and the box, the infection runs away from me.

Caught, hooked. The first pike! No, of course it was about her in a whisper, pretending shyness. In the first pike of the year 600 grams. Last year started with 6 pounds. Live bait is not. To run two more times for a hundred meters is not desirable. Planted the old chewed up bait resuscitation without mouth-to-mouth and slowly went to the base.

Sit. Check box and Vasilich ran into the distance. Came back empty-handed… and Then, having overcome common sense, ran to the feast of small pike and me. Vasilich first admitted, that if this outrage does not stop, then tomorrow he goes in lying bout. Here it is and I had the opportunity to complain to his feet, boots and in General life. Vasilich did not listen, and again the distance. Brought a pike bigger than my and is alive again. He’s a Troll and when I Troll, his power grows. He knew it was his last trollings, but I’m getting ahead of myself again. It would seem that it was run way past, and everything manages to run forward.

Very little time passes, and I bring a pike under pounds and hear the creaking of the teeth of Vasilich. I look around and realize that he’s the ice is boring, but teeth crunching not worse.
From next race he comes empty and knackered. He drops into a chair and did not even go to stick bait. I demand he swears.

I’m going to go with a pike for a kilo and triumph. Although the races must stop until they are with me not finished. In the summer some terapevta on motor vehicle Commission swore to me with a medical Mat. With her words, I shouldn’t have been to her office to crawl.

But I digress. Previously ran forward, now distracted. Not otherwise terapevta was right.

Vasilich again wasted. It pleases. It is a pity that you can only rejoice secretly, not in full growth. And then comes the main event of the day, which I already ran forward.
But a few more words about chairs. Chairs on the ice with adjustable backrest is the best thing that can be on the ice. Unloaded the back, and the wind flies past. But sometimes I get tired of sitting and want to walk. I stood up and simultaneously slowly and aimlessly wandered to the Gerlich. I do not remember even to have thought about something. Just trust the feet and not even watched them. Imitation fish were visible, and they all dozed in the sun. And the legs went. And how many little steps to the boundaries, I looked up and found that right in front of me the box somehow worth it. It was so implausible, that I had not even been accelerated and reached imitation fish at walking pace. Fishing line is exhausted to the stop and then someone on the bait fish attacked. Took the imitation fish in the hand and realized that she still need someone, because that someone is not sickly pulled from the bottom. Several times we were operatively the rope. I ice pike to the stop. Only two meters of the line. And how many emotions! Managed to knock over the nail stopper, and it became easier to put out the jerks. In the end, I brought the pike into the hole. Exactly two kilograms. Such already there were dozens, but this pleasure is not reduced. Vasilich, misled my walks, did not even realize that I was fighting with a pike. Then he still got the pike under a kilo, but the grimace disappeared. A grimace of fatigue, but I know that the share of jealousy in the face of a large.

Held magic debut. Five jacks with ten empty poklevok. Good mileage. Guaranteed healthy sleep and some perspective on the beginning of the winter.

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