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The son of Victoria Beckham shocked his parents by the

Сын Виктории Бекхэм шокировал родителей своим снимкомThe mother of 18-year-old Brooklyn Beckham recently had to endure some serious stress.

Victoria admitted that she was breathless when she saw the frame that the young man had recently posted in his microblog.

Brooklyn imprinted itself in the moment when he teetered on the edge of the roof of a skyscraper!

Performing the stunt without a net, Brooklyn could easily fall down… And he is quite aware of the riskiness of his venture. Fearing that someone would try to do the same thing, the son of Victoria and David Beckham have placed under the warning: “don’t Even try it again… If you knew how angry my parents, when I saw it. Perhaps it was very foolish of me. But it turned out cool, isn’t it?”

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Incidentally, the published photo is not just the fruit of individual creative experiment. This image — only the first frame of the album arrived on store shelves this week. The album, assembled from 300 photos taken in Brooklyn, is his debut as a budding professional photographer. The eldest of three sons, Victoria worked on it for more than a year, traveling with his parents around the world.

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However, initial feedback on the creation of Brooklyn, so far, is controversial. Among those who eagerly awaited the appearance publicized in advance of the album, there were many who were disappointed. Not all decided that the work of Brooklyn is only “raised around the noise”. However, it is not so scary, because the young man is still only beginning its journey. Moreover, this fall he will begin studies at the University, which will study the art of photography, so he will have the opportunity to improve their skills.

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