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The son of the President of Venezuela has promised to seize the White House

Сын президента Венесуэлы пообещал захватить Белый ДомMaduro, Jr. threatened to walk from new York and Washington

Nicolas Maduro, Jr., son of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, has threatened in the event of a us invasion of the country to reach new York and Washington.

“In the unlikely case that our country will pollute in new York will be the rifle. Mr. trump, we will come and capture the White House,” said the son of the Venezuelan leader. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

On August 12, the President of the United States Donald trump has declared that does not exclude solution to the crisis in Venezuela by military means.

“People suffer and die. We have many options to Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary,” said trump. However, he declined to specify whether such option is sent to Venezuela to the us military.

Trump’s words provoked a strong reaction from Venezuela. Minister of defense Vladimir Padrino called them an “act of madness”. Maduro was sent to the US administration a request for a telephone conversation with trump, but was refused. “Trump will gladly have a word with the leader of Venezuela, when the country will be restored democracy,” – said in a statement the White House.

April in Venezuela, protests against the Maduro regime, which brutally suppressed by the army, security forces and supporting the President by militants. The number of victims among the protesters has already exceeded one hundred people, thousands were illegally detained.

31 July, the U.S. imposed sanctions against Maduro. On 12 August, the sanctions were expanded. Under them fell the Venezuelan officials, including the brother of the former leader of the country Hugo Chavez Adan.

Venezuela’s economy largely depends on oil revenues. In 2003, the leftwing government introduced state regulation of prices for basic foodstuffs. As a result, now up to 40 percent of subsidized products exported to neighboring Colombia for resale. In the country there is a shortage of food, medicines and essential commodities. Inflation in Venezuela in 2016 exceeded 700 percent.

According to the results held in December 2015 election, the qualified majority in the Parliament have the opposition. However, the government and the country’s Supreme court, which remains totally controlled by the supporters of Maduro, to successfully frustrate any legislative initiative of the Parliament. The Venezuelan Constitution has no impeachment process.

In January the national Assembly approved a resolution according to which Maduro is recognized as “left his post”. During the vote on this issue 106 of 167 deputies voted “for”. Most of the opposition accused the President of “dereliction of duty”.

However, the Supreme court of Venezuela ruled unconstitutional the decision on the resignation of the President. The court also reaffirmed its decision of November 2016, requiring members of Parliament to refrain from declaring the “political responsibility” of the incumbent.

In may, Maduro announced the convening of a Constituent Assembly intended to change the country’s Constitution. The opposition interpreted this as a military coup. On 4 August, the Prosecutor General of Venezuela, Luis Ortega appealed to the court for suspension of the Constituent Assembly because of election irregularities. On 5 August, the first day of its work, the Constituent Assembly Ortega was dismissed from office and decided to give it a trial.

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