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The son of Michael Douglas could go to jail

Сын Майкла Дугласа может отправиться за решетку The eldest son of Michael Douglas — Cameron was in a difficult situation.

In the near future it may again go to jail. Moreover, to blame he has only himself.

Another round of problems in the life of a 38-year-old son Douglas started once this spring, when passing the next test assigned to him during the liberation, his analysis of the drugs were found. Worse, laboratory workers accused him of trying to “manipulation” — that is, the desire to replace the sample. Repeated tests unambiguously confirmed the presence of traces of prohibited substances.

However, thanks to the patronage of his father, and also due to the fact that the officer appointed by the court to look after Cameron, he was sympathetic and is going to intercede for him before the court, there is a chance that the son of Douglas will not sit again behind bars. They say that Michael Douglas had already written a petition, which asks to give his son another chance. Michael was supported by a therapist who works with Cameron. He pointed out that the actor’s son is going through a terrible trauma because 7 years he spent in jail was “appalling”.

In fact, cooperating with the investigation, the son of Douglas, who in 2009 was arrested for trying to sell the plain-clothes police officer a small amount of narcotics agreed to cooperate with the investigation and “passed” their dealers. For this he was in prison, constantly subjected to beatings and abuse by other prisoners… What will happen to Cameron next, the court will decide who should be held the other day.

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