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The son of a rich Chinese will be skint

Сын самого богатого китайца останется без гроша The young man refused 122 billion-dollar inheritance

Richest man in China Wang Stangling have to find someone to whom he can leave his business Empire worth $122 billion after that. His son van Sycon said he did not want to live such a life as he.

62-year-old Wang Jianlin, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dalian Wanda Group, said that his only 28-year-old son van Sycon does not want to take care for shopping malls, hotels, theme parks and sports clubs father.

“I turned to the son regarding the succession plan and he said he doesn’t want to live as I do,” said Wang at the entrepreneurs summit last weekend.

“Perhaps, young people have their own requests and priorities. It would probably be better to pass it on to all professional managers, to join the Board of Directors and watch how they run the company,” added Jianlin.

Van Sycon is a Director of one of firms in the business Empire of the father, and has a 2% share of the total capital.

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