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The son of a famous actor was seen in public in a dress

Сын известного актера показался на публике в платье The rapper thinks he can walk as you wish.

The son of popular American actor will Smith, Jaden, surprised the public and journalists with an unexpected statement about his image.

Now Jaden Smith can boast of considerable achievements. In his 19 years he is already a recognizable Hollywood actor known for his roles in the films “the pursuit of happyness”, “the Day the Earth stood still”, “the Karate kid”. In addition, Jaden Smith is a rapper, dancer and restaurateur.

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Designing your own clothing line, the son of Blair underwood never ceases to amaze with their unusual clothing. The guy was trying on women’s clothes – dresses and skirts – and said that this may be a new trend.

If I want to wear a dress – I will wear. This will become a new trend, shared ambitious plans for Jaden Smith.

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