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The soloist “DeAngelo” surprised by the image of the fatal temptress

Солистка "НеАнгелов" удивила образом роковой соблазнительницыThank Kaminska was posing in a red dress.

Thank Kaminska shared a series of photo taken during her participation in the show “Dancing with the stars.” Photo Kaminska posing in luxurious dress passionate red.

Recall the show “dancing with the stars” Glory left at the very beginning, refused to participate because of an injury of the spine. Your post on the social network, the singer commented:

“I never suspected that psychosomatics is really so valid) Being injured 2 months ago I broke 4 ribs and all this time lived in peace with the world and with yourself.

Until doctors randomly found my failure. And lo and behold, in the day of this bright news I can’t sleep. At all. Because what? Right. My ribs hurt.Much. and all this time , since I learned the good news.

Let me remind you, it’s been 2 months and I have never bothered! The moral of the situation: whether to think about all the small stuff and wear it in your head, transfer it to your life?)) Think positively and you will be happy.”

Солистка "НеАнгелов" удивила образом роковой соблазнительницы

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