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The soil in Moscow was contaminated with toxic substances

Почва в Москве оказалась загрязнена ядовитыми веществамиStudies have shown that the soil to be purified can not.

Scientists of geographical faculty of Lomonosov Moscow state University revealed excess of maximum permissible concentration of benzopyrene in the soil in the East of Moscow.

As explained by study author Dmitry Vlasov, the soil in the East of Moscow began to study the study aimed to calculate the so called critical load of benzopyrene in the soil.

When calculating take into account not only the content of chemical substances in the soil, but the time of its decomposition and the rate at which reserves are replenished. Similar methods of calculation of critical loads already exist for sulphur and nitrogen.

Studies have shown that the soil in the East of Moscow to be cleansed not. Receipt of benzpyrene from the atmosphere with precipitation exceeds the rate of decomposition of this substance. Thus, the concentration of benzopyrene is below the norm only through dozens or even hundreds of years, the researcher said.

“To reduce the concentrations of pollutant (pollutant – ed.) requires the use of special techniques, for example, to replace the top layer of new soil imported soil with low concentrations of benzopyrene,” — said Vlasov.

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