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The sociologist said that most afraid in Russia

Социолог рассказал, чего больше всего боятся в России Igor eydman analyzed the pre-election roller and draw some interesting conclusions.

The Kremlin has decided to scare people “about a future without Putin.” Created a special promotional video-horror story. Wakes up the man in the street who does not want to go to the polls, and things have changed. Gave the Crimea? In Donbass Bandera, and Syria — ISIS? The American Ambassador was stolen from the Russian President’s nuclear briefcase? Why anything in this video no. About it on the page in facebook says Igor eydman.

Usually before creates pre-election propaganda materials, are closed qualitative and quantitative sociological research. Apparently, they showed (and I do not doubt), that the Crimea, Donbass and the machinations of the United States people do not care. And most of all, judging by the video, “Gay keeping” the Russians are afraid of the intrusion of the state into their private territory.

The hero of this video trying to take the army, to Lodge in his apartment of a stranger, require huge amounts of money for protection of schools and not even allowed to go to the toilet. The fact that one of the soldiers — Negro, and the universe into the apartment gay, but the icing on the cake, reinforcing the effect. The main horror of the layman, the government, hampering its quiet, private life invading his apartment, demanding money and services for themselves. In fact, all this threatening is just a new term of Putin

The opposition I have removed my version of this movie. The man in the street, going to sleep, wife claims that tomorrow will vote for Putin. As a result, he wakes up instead of his native Khrushchev in some concrete barracks in the forest. Neighbors explain to him that there is nothing to complain — is the renovation of the five-story building: “just five years it will live, and then get an apartment somewhere in the suburbs”.

Then the doorbell rang — the social worker shouting at a movie character, that he had not passed money to the Donbass, and it’s time to take on Syria. Hero goes to the kitchen, there’s this big guy in camouflage hugs his wife. “We are Donbass Ukrainian volunteer for rehabilitation was settled, he women’s care need you,” she explains. Well, the story with a summons from the recruiting office, if not for copyright, you could just take out the old roller without modifications.

That would be “our response to Curzon”. And most importantly, all of this, unfortunately, is close to reality perspective.

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