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The social network shocked by the story of a pit bull puppy from Kiev

Соцсети в шоке от истории щенка питбуля из КиеваPuppy gave in a terrible state.

In Kiev, the man abandoned 3-month-old puppy pit bull, bringing it to a terrible condition.

About this on his page on the social network Facebook wrote capital activist Alenka Alenkina. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“A man called… 3-month-old puppy pit bull in their family became superfluous,” – said from Kiev.

According to her, the dog owner explained that the family moves into a Studio apartment.

“The place is small – get a dog they can’t. I would of course, invited him to his home and showed how to efficiently allocate space in the apartment to “vtulit” all their favorites, and most do not go to sleep on the street. Oh well! Decided to give, he was not persuaded. Thank you for not thrown out,” wrote Alenkina.

She said that the dog took a friend of hers.

“According to the former owner, rich (the name of the baby) is completely healthy and vaccinated. All the necessary passport, ammunition and bowls promised to give the dog. Yeah… Came in a minute gave the dog a passport and left…” – said the activist.

It later turned out that the puppy is sick.

“The evening and the whole night the dog tore some wood and sawdust. All the time shaking. Tummy painful. For abdominal abscesses of unknown origin. Eating greedily. Hungry. A second trampled two packs of cheese, get some chalk for parrots – ate. Trying to land on the walk. On the front right paw does not become lame. The pads of the hind feet are wrecked. The leash does not go. The host dragged on a rope,” wrote Alenkina.

According to her, is also the owner of the puppy had not told about that before the dog was discharged vitamins and prescribed diet.

“In this connection is unknown. The former owner of course this is also silent. No veterinary products, vitamins, food, ammunition and bowls former owner transferred was not” – said the activist.

Соцсети в шоке от истории щенка питбуля из Киева

She said that the pup was recorded for a checkup to the vet.

In the comments, social network users are horrified to act from Kiev.

“I am shocked by people than they generally think. I probably will never get used to it,” wrote Tatiana yakusevich.

“Well, how do people so cruel? How can you bring this child? I wonder with a child they would have done the same?” – said Valentine Cutil.

Соцсети в шоке от истории щенка питбуля из Киева
Соцсети в шоке от истории щенка питбуля из Киева

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