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The smartphone Ulefone Power Max: when battery 10000 mAh is not enough

The greater the capacity of the battery in the smartphone, the longer it lives on a single charge – that’s the simple truth for anyone versed in the art. The top-end smartphones is long gone capacious battery in favor of a minimum thickness, but reinforced gadgets are not concerned, so that we meet the latest Ulefone Power Max with battery, with capacity of 13000 mAh.

At the moment Ulefone Power Max has not yet received an official announcement, but in sale it will arrive before the end of this year, and it is not just a smartphone, but also external battery for charging other gadgets. For example, the new iPhone 8, the battery is so puny that he had received a capacity of 2000 mAh, can be charged from Ulefone Power Max is almost 10 times.

Characteristics of the new Chinese Ulefone Power Max were not disclosed, as well as its value, but it is obvious that it will be a smartphone middle class, because today in the world there is not a single reinforced unit from China that is included in a higher League. However, battery 13000 mAh is already a world record, so that Ulefone will go even further and really get with this machine is among the top smartphones. As you can see in the render, Ulefone Power Max elongated screen 18:9 and even has dual camera on the rear panel, so that China is preparing a truly interesting gadget. I look forward to!

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