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The slogan “Glory to Ukraine”, the Ukrainian actor removed from the role

За лозунг "Слава Украине" украинского актера сняли с ролиThe actor said that war is the biggest problem

And when you hear every morning reports death toll of our… Natasha (Natalia Sumi to be his wife) is generally my crying every time, then I got a call: “can you Imagine seven people were killed!” I read the scene in the film, I chieftain, are the Cossacks with swords, a huge table, women, Cossack… And I have to all of them, to say, “Now, mother, be proud of your sons! Will come dashing time – will they be able to defend their homeland , because they are the heroes!” Well, not literally, but something that I had to say, and my throat is – “Camara”, – said the artist.

Hostikoev noted that the Director in his eyes said that he was removed from the role,but the chieftain, whom he played in the next series “went to another village” and he has not been shown.”

“In General, the rehearsal began, I say this speech, addressed to mothers, but in the end as will shout: “Glory to Ukraine!” And the whole crowd broke out: “glory to the Heroes!” As much as the dogs started barking in a neighboring village. And suddenly, the Russian producer and Director nods at me with a finger, saying, do not do so. I across the table saying, “what are You to me mahate? Don’t!” I approached him: “I am on their land. And I myself will decide what I need and what don’t. A finger and I do not nod”, – told details of the incident Anatoly Hostikoev.

The actor said that war is the biggest problem, but the man is apparently so constituted that gets used to everything, and cry the whole time is impossible. “But every second you need to remember: now you’re talking, and somewhere in the trenches – the guys that protect us,” he said.

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