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The sleep of reason produces monsters: movie review “Slumber: the Labyrinth of sleep” (2017)

Dr. Alice Arnolds, many years ago who witnessed the tragic death of the brother of a lunatic, works with children who have a sleep disorder. Once it seeks the help of the Morgan family, and this case is highly unusual. The fact that “night owls” suffer from all members of the family, and young Daniel’s tormented by sleep paralysis. Alice is taken for study, but soon realizes that faced with something sinister, not described in textbooks, and in old legends.

Even six years after the release of “Insidious” by James WAN, it is well deployed and is simple to implement (and not innovative) form in low-budget horror uses every second weekend. Sometimes because of your own laziness, sometimes to go on the proven path, not fearing questions from the support of the Studio. And the author of”Slumber”, Director and screenwriter Jonathan Hopkins, recognizable pattern to go far did not, and embellished it with a couple of distinctive features and released. Wrong with this approach, in fact, nothing is the same “do Not knock twice” or “Ouija. The curse of the Board of the devil” playing in a similar scheme, was very confident horror.

But the problem here is another writer from Hopkins turned unimportant. The movie from the first frame breaks in the action, and indeed a modest 84 minutes of timing on the extra scenes are not spending, throwing the viewer in store “Scarecrow”. And some of them are really works well, a couple of times can be a start of surprise or nervously bite his lip. But here’s the thing: if the first half goes without a hitch and without a hitch, then the script starts bewildered to stagnate, as if the author had postponed the work indefinitely, and then came back and forgot where you started. So, each character gets individual form of manifestation of sleep paralysis. This is interesting: someone starts rocking an invisible baby, someone snapping garden shears dangerously close to relatives, and someone at this time solicits big scary monster. The viewer notes that the character has his own personality and your own/experience that needs to be overcome.

And that… ends. Some of the lines are simply “not shoot”, and some fail inexplicably. Why such contempt for the logic of the narrative, which at first was quite slim? Pretty quickly crawl to the light of the blatant plot holes (why none of the Morgans first tried in the daylight as far as possible to sdelalki sharps?) and hackneyed moves (recovety old consultant who knows how to defeat the monster, the experience from her past – well, it’s pure Alice Rayner from the “Astral plane”). But the most important mistake is that most of the movie, the viewer is simply nothing to fear. Yes, the horrible monster because of the scarcity of budget flashes in the frame for a few seconds (and you’d better not flashed, painfully clumsy it is drawn), and the suspense is proposing to limit the supervision of a beating in a fit of sleepy baby. If the budget is so bad and you can’t draw on the computer a spectacular nightmares, as in “Somnia”, it would be nice to fill this gap by a more recent idea than the repetition of the flashback of the main character about the death of his brother. But this is the creators did not care, why viewing a fairly quickly causes boredom.

The actors in the film also do not fully understand the story presented to outstanding images. More or less pulls colleagues in splendid isolation indicated on the poster of Maggie qand her colleagues to respond positively will be more difficult. The operator tries to surprise the diagonal angles, composer – mongering topics, but what is happening on the screen this does not add to the originality and remains very chaotic. Well, about the final tape is difficult to argue, because it’s virtually nonexistent. Not in terms of the classic “open” ending, but in terms of banal reticence in mid-sentence.

“Slumber: the Labyrinth of dream” is no surprise, and does not carry, but not much pushes – it’s a typical genre middling, Paderewski the basic elements of the plot have a more successful predecessors to the end not understood how to handle them. The film does not copy stories word for word – thank you for this, but in General more than one time in the abstract view, he doesn’t deserve.

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