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The Sinking City (ex-the Call of Cthulhu) – the first video game!

We 2016 had not thought about the game the Sinking City that was originally called Call of Cthulhu. Actually, the last news was devoted to changing the name of the project. Since then has flowed away a lot of water, so it was possible to think that the project is abandoned. But no!

The release is scheduled in 2018-2019. Meanwhile, the Kiev Studio Frogwares has posted a video showing the generation of virtual cities in the game. Not that VIDOS very impressive, but it’s something. Using a tool named Generator you can create diverse cities with open world in a matter of minutes. And after release the developers promise free to share this tool with the community of fans.

Recall that The Sinking City inspired by the works of H. p. Lovecraft and talk about the adventures of a private detective in the 20-ies of XX century in Ormonde, Massachusetts. In the city there was a flood, caused by apparently supernatural forces. Around is chaos and madness…

Sounds intriguing, so what are waiting for! In the meantime, we can remember the good old game of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, we have the benefit in Fanzone published two good review:

Review # 1, Review No. 2

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