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The sinister “Night world” with Robert Englund! (TRAILER)

Agree, the presence of Robert Englund makes any movie better. In the mystical Thriller “Night world” he is exactly the great decoration. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Unfortunately, despite cult status Englund is involved now only in small, almost imperceptible projects. Well, maybe the cartoon to voice call sometimes. The movers and shakers of film industry wrote him off, thinking an actor in one role. However, the attached below the trailer you will not see old Freddie, you will just see a large colorful artist.

While the tape itself is in doubt. Conspicuous lousy editing, weak cinematography and makeup. The boys swung above their capabilities. However, the video turned out quite atmospheric, entourage.

Directed “Night world” a Patricio Valladares, the shooting took place in Bulgaria. The title role of a former COP named Brett played Jason London, at the time also had time to Shine in the Hollywood firmament, but his asterisk will very quickly come back down. You might remember it from the movie “dazed and confused,” independent filmmaker Richard Linklater.

The same synopsis of”Night world”:

American Brett, a former COP, takes a job as a security guard in the ancient Bulgarian castle in Sofia. Soon in the castle begin to happen strange frightening events. Brett decides to look into the history of the castle and learn more about previous employees and discovers that in the depths of the castle, lurking evil forces that come what may want to break out.

Well, it looks pretty again. As if something like “Mirrors”, right? On the other hand, promises gloomy authentic locations, a classic story with dead wife and Robert Englund in the image of the creepy and stylish blind. In addition, the actor himself calls the script of this film one of the worst, that he had read recently. Sounds good.

Distribution of the film will engage an independent company VMI Worldwide, the release date is not yet known.

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